quinta-feira, junho 21, 2012

I'M A BIG FAN OF SEX AND THE CITY, as everybody already knows, I suppose. I fall in love with Carrie every time I (re)watch an episode. And her unrepeatable clothes? I feel like crying. Literaly. 
She also immortalized one of the most "princess" pieces ever: the tulle skirt/dress.
 When I passed by Zara the other day during my lunch break (I really don't have another break, that's because this blog feels so alone...), I fell like crying again when my friend showed me this dress that screams Carrie, and when something screams Carrie you know it screams my name too. You may find it a little tacky or something, but that's because you're picturing it dressed in a 5 year old child with a plastic tiara, and not in myself, with modern cinderella shoes and maybe a blouse on the top. Isn't it cute in a nice way?

For those who asked me about next Flea Market event, I really don't know when it will happen again here, in the city. But I'll tell you what: Keep tuned and you'll know it.

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9 comentários

  1. sim o vestido é mesmo Carrie! :) também gosto imenso dela na série :)

  2. E um vestido lindissimooo!! Completamente carrie mesmo =)


  3. Eu acho que bem usado fica super giro, mas lá está é daquelas peças que depende muito quem usa e como. Na Carrie ficava a matar!! :) Adoro o Sexo e a Cidade e a Carrie também já vi a série inteira pelo menos tres vezes e de cada vez que vejo gosto cada vez mais :)


  4. Tão fofo**

  5. a Boneca tem um que tu ias amar :)

  6. Adoro a série,, como é obvio :))
    O vestido está super fofinho, duvido que me assente bem

  7. This dress is really, really pretty!


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